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The first Interact International Convention happened last June in Atlanta, Georgia, USA prior to the 2017 Rotary International Convention. Just like in Atlanta, this year’s Interact International Convention is organized by Interactors for Interactors. The purpose of the Interact International Convention is to bring together Interactors from around the world to exchange ideas about Interact and to meet each other. We believe that Interact has an important role in our communities and in the Rotary family, and that’s why our event happens right before the biggest annual Rotary family gathering: the Rotary International Convention.

It’s our team’s hope that one day the Rotary International Board of Directors sees how successful these Interact International Conventions are, and will one day decide that Rotary International should create and host an official Interact Preconvention, just like how there are Rotaract Preconventions and Youth Exchange Preconventions hosted by Rotary International. We recognize it is an uphill battle because there are different local regulations when it comes to working with minors, but that doesn’t mean our dream is any different or any less important.

Our one-day Interact International Convention will be taking place this year on Thursday, June 21, 2018 from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM at Hart House on the University of Toronto campus. We will have inspirational speakers, breakout sessions on different Interact topics, and have lunch together. Our goal is for participants to walk away feeling inspired about Interact, energized about the upcoming school year, and with new friends from around the world they can rely on for support, even after the convention is over.

By participating and supporting the Interact International Convention, you are playing a part of history by working together with us to make sure Interactors feel like they have a place at the annual Rotary International Conventions.

Hosted Locally and Supported Internationally

Officially this event is hosted by Rotary District 7070. As an unofficial event that Rotary International does not support, each year the official host changes for this event. However, our support continues growing each year and that comes from Interactors, Rotaractors, and Rotarians from all around the world. We are proud that our event brings together people from across the entire family of Rotary and from all corners of the globe to start off their convention week strong.

If you have any questions or concerns about this event, please email them directly to us at info@interactconvention.org. As this event is not supported officially by Rotary International, the wonderful staff at Rotary Headquarters probably wouldn’t have the answers you are looking for.

We hope to see you in Toronto on June 21st!

Meet this Year’s Planning Committee


Derek Huang

Branham High School Interact


Hey there! My name is Derek and I’m one of the IIC Chairs for the 2017-2018 year! A few things about me are:
I’m half deaf! I really enjoy the show We Bare Bears (but who doesn’t!)
I fell during a marching band competition once (it’s all on video too!) I really like adventure, you can usually find me on a bike ride!
I consider myself to be a really friendly person, but I’m also super shy!
I’m usually the dad of groups, so catch me cracking either really bad jokes! I’m super excited to travel to Toronto! Let’s be buds and explore Toronto together

Grace Hsiang

Irvington High School Interact


Once I dropped a 1st period AP class because it was too far away from the parking lot and I couldn’t make it there on time in the mornings (I’m slow at everything and could sleep through natural disasters). I love lame jokes/puns (I’ll always laugh at yours), late night drives, boba, poké, pineapples on my pizza, and CHEESE. I love music and dance! Catch me unconsciously headbobbing to every song playing and shamelessly stopping anywhere n everywhere to hold my phone up in the air for Shazam. I’ve been saving FB videos of Toronto attractions for months now, so come to the convention and we can adventure in our free time.

Joshua Yao

Independence High School Interact


Hi there! I am humbled and even more excited to be serving as one of your Co-Chairs for the year and I can’t wait to embark on this journey with you all! I’ve been in Interact since my freshman year, and throughout this chaotic and humbling journey, I’ve been privileged enough to meet some of the greatest people in my life. In my time with this club, I’ve found that Interact is not just a service club, it’s a family. Here’s to the laughs, here’s to the fun we’ll have, here’s to the memories… but most of all, here’s to the ripples of change that we will indubitably create! So here, I’ll leave you with something a senior once told me as a little freshman,” Stay Limitless ∞.”


Aris Luk

Leigh High School Interact

Events Co-Coordinator

I like to take pictures, travel, and try new foods! (I have a soft spot for Korean food) My favorite TV show is Parks and Rec and my favorite movie is My Neighbor Totoro!

Rachel Lee

KIPP King Collegiate High School Interact

Events Co-Coordinator

Hi! My name is Rachel and I am your Interact International Committee Co-Events Coordinator. Some fun facts about me are that I am super into supernatural things, I enjoy traveling a whole lot, and my favorite food is noodles! I hope to see you all at Interact International Committee and cannot wait for the fun.

Victoria Huynh

Events Co-Mentor

June Moon

Events Co-Mentor


Justin Su

Foothill High School

Logistics Co-Coodinator

Elizabeth Nguyen

Evergreen Valley High School

Logistics Co-Coodinator

I’m Liz and I’m a sophomore! Some facts about me are that I’m in a relationship with my laptop. In my free time I longboard by the beach because I can’t ride it on sand. I really enjoy listening to Tyler the Creator, and like the majority of the US population, I love Grey’s Anatomy. I hope to one day inspire someone and help them find their passion. Maybe I’ll do so in Toronto.

Wilford Lee

Co-Logistics Mentor

Helen Wu

Co-Logistics Mentor


Eileen Yang

Lynbrook High School Interact

Fundraising Coordinator

Rainey Chak

Fundraising Mentor


Nicole Liu

Capuchino Interact

Workshop Coordinator

Nicole Liu has been a devoted Interactor since she was introduced to the community service based club in her freshman year of high school. Since then, Nicole has served over 250 hours to the community with Interact alone, serving both as the secretary of her high school’s Interact Club, and Supreme Chair of Interact District 5150, located in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is ecstatic to serve as Workshop Coordinator for the second Interact International Convention in the hopes of empowering other fellow Interactors. Outside of Interact, Nicole enjoys hiking, playing tennis, and educating youth.

Marco-Landon Siu

KIPP King Collegiate High School Interact

Workshops Mentor

I am a first-year in UC San Diego who loves volleyball, boba, and political activism! My favorite TV show is currently The Flash and I love love LOVE romantic comedies.


Felix Dong

American High School Interact

Service Coordinator

Vu Dinh

Service Mentor


Amber Khowong

Evergreen Valley High School Interact

Co-Media Coordinator

Ryan Chen

Oakland Technical High School Interact

Co-Media Coordinator

Heyo! I’m Ryan, serving as your Co-Media Coordinator with my best buddy Amber. If you can’t find me doing Interact work, then I’m probably at Dragonboat practice, working out at the gym, playing the piano, or jamming out to music on full blast. If you can’t find me doing any of those things, I’m taking photos because of my huge love for photography. Anyways, I can not wait to meet all of you at Toronto and to hear about all your stories! Peace, Love, Interact

Neha Chawla

Media Mentor


Matt Yep

Alameda High School Interact

Marketing Co-Coordinator

Hi, I’m Matt Yep. Smiling is my forte. I main Sheik in Super Smash Bros Melee. My favorite animal is an African Snail. Cormorants are a close second. I listen to a lot of 50’s doowop music and my goal in life is to someday be one of those dudes who sells those big Mickey Mouse balloons at Disneyland and makes everyone around them happy.

Tiffany Han

Walnut High School Interact

Marketing Co-Coordinator

I’m currently a senior at Walnut High School. I’ve been involved with Interact since my freshman year! If I’m not doing Interact related things, I am golfing, doing IB paperwork, focused on research, or reading short stories. In my free time, I like to plan out my next adventure using Pinterest, travel blogs, and youtube videos. I love listening to music. Some of my favorites include Bruno Mars, Oh Wonder, and Sam Feldt!

Danny Mai

Mill Creek High School Interact

Marketing Co-Coordinator

Loves Adorable/Cute things, Workouts for fun, Pretty Talkative and a nice guy, Sings, Gardens, Plays Piano. Overall I think I’m a pretty chill guy who tries his best to make others Smile!

Sophia Nguyen

Gunderson High School Interact

Marketing Co-Coordinator

Hiyaa! Just a few small things about me but I do a lot of creative writing (poetry, humor, contemporary etc) and my stories have been published (eheh). I literally sustain on milk tea (and all junk food basically.) I also have just gotten into old vines and memes via Interact, so if you feel like sharing one with me, please do.

Jessy Liu

Marketing Mentor


Andy Do

Publication Coordinator

Sherry Lam

Publications Mentor

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